Penn is 2016 USA Curling College Champion

The University of Pennsylvania is the 2016 USA Curling College Champions. The Quakers defeated the Minnesota Golden Gophers in this year's championship game at the Chaska Curling Center, Chaska, Minnesota.

The game was close and drama filled as the Quakers managed to tie the score in the 4th and 6th ends, only to have Minnesota pull back in front each time.

The home town fans watching the game behind the glass were exuberant when Minnesota went into the extra end with the hammer. The game tipped in Penn's favor when a missed take out allowed Penn to guard its shot stone at the back of the four foot circle and at the same time close down much of the area available for Minnesota to draw into.

Minnesota's hammer in the extra end came up short giving Penn the 2016 College Gold. Minnesota earned Silver honors for their effort.

The Penn team of Elana Chapman, David Ferguson and Carly Meyer was Skipped by Cody Clouser.

Penn is no stranger to the College Championship Finals, earning the Silver Medal in last year's Championship to Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The Pointers also made a good showing again this year in their title defense, losing to Minnesota in the Semi-Finals but out of the medals.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology beat Nebraska in the Third Place game. This was the third time in the last 4 years that MIT took the Bronze. In that fourth year, MIT lost the third place game making them the only school to have placed this high all four years. Nebraska was playing in its first medal game after competing in each of the last four championships.

Colgate won the Fourth Place game from Wayne State College in Nebraska. For Colgate it was their first medal after participating in each of the past three yearís championships. Wayne State made it to the college tournament in only their second season of competition.

Hamilton College took Fifth Place honors in another dramatic game that took an extra end to decide from Bowdoin College of Brunswick, Maine.

Fifteen schools from across the nation participated in this yearís event. As a Developmental Championship the College event is as much educational as it is dramatic. While the competition on ice was as intense as always, the College Championship is known for its educational component in the off-draw hours. Many of the invitees participated in a Skills Clinic hosted by Joseph Murphy of Halifax, Nova Scotia during their non-game times. His clinics covered a variety of topics and content was tailored to fit the needs of the participants.

The Chaska Curling Center was a fantastic venue. The College Curling Committee would like to thank Jeff Isaacson, his staff and the community of Chaska for providing us with every comfort possible and being the best of hosts.


Player Registration Deadline Draws Near

This is to remind everyone that the player registration deadline is drawing near.

Our Championship Guidelines CLEARLY states that:

All individual participants MUST register at by 11:59pm Central Time, January 31, 2016. There is no cost associated with this registration. Individuals who do not register by the deadline date and time will not be eligible for the USA Curling College Championship, nor will they be eligible to earn points after February 14, 2016 until the registration list reopens.


And that:

All individuals MUST be members of the US Curling Association no later than January 31, 2016.


This does not just refer to teams who will qualify for the College National Championship, this refers to EVERYONE.

IF you are not registered at and you are not a member of the US Curling Association by January 31, 2016, you are no longer eligible to compete in ANY College Curling event until the registration site reopens.

Your membership in the US Curling Association should be taken care of for you through the local club to which you are a dues paying member. Verify your USCA membership with your club.

The season is winding down but there are plenty of bonspiel opportunities out there. Good Luck, Good Curling, and I hope to see you in Chaska for the Nationals.

Gordon Maclean- Chair

USCA College Curling Committee


The winner of the 2016 USA Curling College Championship Logo contest is Flannery Allison of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Flannery used a bold combination of red and blue on a black backdrop of the Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline to emphasize the eventís location in suburban Chaska.

For submitting the winning design, the Rochester Institute of Technology Curling Club will receive will receive 6 BalancePlus Composite Brooms, in their choice of color (or colors, any combination) and a broom bag, courtesy of BroomsUp curling supplies.

Congratulations Flannery Allison and the Rochester Institute of Technology Curling Club.

2016 College Curling Championship Logo Contest

The entry deadline has passed and the entries are now being judged by the USCA College Curling Committee. The results of their deliberation will be announced no later than October 26. The willing entry will be used for the Championship participation arm patches that everyone who comes to the National receives. The logo will also appear on the website and event related documents, PLUS in ice at the Championship.

2015-16 Contact Information Sought

Hey Everyone,

Itís that time of year, where I have to be annoying and reach out to everyone for contact information. Specifically I am looking for your club officers (with email and/or phone), faculty adviser (with email and/or phone), club email, Twitter or other social media info.

I collect this information to help keep you all informed when something really important comes up, and to allow you to be proactive with your peers regarding bonspiels (this info, edited, will go onto our website). If you are not there, they canít get a hold of you.

Please send your info to