The Mission of the USA Curling College Championship is to promote the growth of college curling through the establishment of a national championship, that encourages and rewards curlers attending a college or university, who compete against their peers at other academic institutions throughout the school year.


The Goal of the USA Curling College Championship is the promotion and development of on-campus curling clubs and curling activities. While many college/university campuses have curlers who participate in curling activities at nearby community curling clubs, few have formally organized into campus clubs. There are many advantages to being a recognized campus club, including increased student body exposure to curling activities and access to student organization funds that may help defray the costs of curling activities.



Trying to juggle classwork and curling can make it very difficult for students to dedicate an entire weekend to a traditional bonspiel. By keeping the time commitment to a minimum, permitting event format flexibility, and not locking the on-ice rinks to specific individual curlers, more students can participate in more competitive events over the course of a season.

There is great potential for alternative formats such as a “head-to-head” format, triangular or quad meets to make frequent and regular competitions between college curling clubs possible. Maintaining a smaller event size also makes it easier for college clubs to organize and host events and minimizes ice time requirements if rental costs are involved.